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This is a simple 7 step method. We’ll be creating ads on escort sites, and using the excuse of the coronavirus to just sell pictures/videos. I’m trying this method as I type this guide, and I imagine it will do very well. There’s plenty of horny motherfuckers willing to pay 100’s of $$$ for sex, so they’ll pay a few bucks for some nudes.
1. Get a burner phone app, or even a dedicated burner phone. Unless you want horny assholes to have your real phone #, make this your very first step. You can find these for free, but try to get a burner number with your local area code, if you can. Makes it much more believable.
2. Get an relatively unsaturated pic/vid pack. Young, old, doesn’t matter, they like it all. You just want a nude pack most people haven’t seen before. IMPORTANT: Find one with a few non-nudes THAT ARE STILL REVEALING. We want to reel them in, but we still need something for them to pay for.
3. Create a mega/dropbox for the nude pics. This will make it easier to deliver once you’re paid.
4. Create a buffer cashapp/zelle/PP/whatever payment service you want to use. Use your real one at your own risk, easier and safer to just transfer the money through a secondary account.
5. Create your description/caption/bio. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. SOUND CONVINCING. SOUND LIKE A REAL FEMALE. I see too many motherfuckers doing this typing like an old man who just had a stroke, write something sexy and alluring from the perspective of a female. The caveat here is that we say that meetups aren’t allowed, due to your health concerns about the coronavirus. You’re only selling pics/vids. This is the most legitimate excuse that has been available in a while, do it’s easily believed. Put some variation of that in your own words. You’ll still get constantly hit up, because you’re dealing with horny dudes with a pocket full of money.
6. Take your NN pics and your description, and SPREAD THAT SHIT. Search for “Escorts in (Wherever the fuck you are)” and make posts on each and every site. Some sites are a one-and-done type of deal, but some you should post an ad every ~5-6 hours. Feel it out. SPREAD. THAT. SHIT.
7. Of course, now is when guys hit you up, you receive payment, and send what is paid for. Easy peasy.
8. BONUS ROUND: Scale up by posting in every city around you in your state/country.
9. BONUS ROUND 2 [DICKHEAD MOVE]: If you’re feeling like a true scumbag, skip the second half of step 7. Take the money and block them!
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